Website Design and Programming

Website Design and Programming

Our websites incorporate the latest design trends and are optimized for all devices, providing fast navigation for optimal user experience. Basic SEO Optimization to be well-positioned in search engines like Google.

Website development using PHP and Wordpress, online stores, e-learning platforms, design and development of mobile apps, among other services.

Website Design and Programming
Hosting and Professional Technical Support

Hosting and Professional Technical Support

We offer a powerful and safe hosting service based in Uruguay, with a high transfer speed and with professional support 24/7.

Clients that host their website with BigWeb may also get their SSL certificate for 50 dollars only per year +VAT. Web hosting and domain registering for the best market price.

Hosting and Professional Technical Support
E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

We offer an e-mail design, development and sending service to promote your products or for internal communication. These are adapted to all devices and email clients.

We use mailchimp to segment contacts, create e-mail templates, manage campaigns, send newsletters massively, and to analyze and report on the results of these.

E-mail Marketing
Video and Photography

Video and Photography

Short films and animations of all kinds for company presentations or publicity spots. Video post-production, color retouch, work done with chroma and animations made with the powerful tool AfterEffects.

Image professionals are also responsible for your events having the best photo and video. High quality films and photography for parties, weddings, end-of-year events, and all kinds of celebrations and events.

Video and Photography



100% Responsive

Websites that adapt to all devices, browsers and operating systems.

SEO Optimization

Optimizations to improve website ranking for search engines.

User Friendly

High standards of design to achieve optimal user experience (UX/UI).

Easy to manage

Edit all your content from a personalized panel for your web.

≠ languages & platforms

HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress and Python/Django Development.


Implementation of payment gateways and online stores.


Why investing on a digital marketing strategy?
Article in Spanish only

3 indisputable reasons why it is profitable and it makes commercial sense to invest in an e-marketing campaign.

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SEO Optimization Guide

Basic search engine optimization guide (SEO optimization)
Article in Spanish only

We have created a practical and comprehensive SEO optimization guide to position your site in the first search results.

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Thought trends when buying

The 6 thought trends when buying
Article in Spanish only

There are behavior trends that are common to all people when they must make a purchase. We analyze them and demonstrate how to make use of these in this article.

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